About the University

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Fire University of Warsaw is a public university of state services supervised by the minister responsible for internal affairs and at the same time the organizational unit of the State Fire Service. The tasks of the university in this area include, among others, participation in rescue operations during fires, natural disasters or elimination of local threats.  

The University educates at the Faculty of Civil Protection and Security Engineering – conducts first and second degree studies for firefighters in the candidate service, firefighters in the permanent service, officers of other services, guards and civilians in the fields of Security Engineering, as well as Internal Security and Medical Rescue.  

The Academy has the power to confer a PhD in engineering and technical sciences in the field of Environmental Engineering, Mining and Energy and Social Sciences indoctor PhD of Social Sciences in the discipline of Safety Science. 

The University follows the current needs of the national economy, launching new types of studies and specialties. To meet these challenges helps highly qualified scientific and didactic staff. The university has a modern, well-equipped teaching base in many cases unique on a national scale.  

As a leader of postgraduate education in civil and fire safety, the University has a comprehensive offer in this field. 

Cooperation with entrepreneurs is for us, as a university educating future security specialists, one of the most important objectives of our activity. 

We want to provide solutions adjusted to their needs and to create a space for exchange of opinions and experiences for joint development of innovative solutions.