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About SGSP  

About SGSP  

About SGSP  

We would like to welcome you to the Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw. Thank you for choosing our university for your Erasmus exchange desitnation. We are sure, you will not regret it! 

SGSP is the only one in Poland and one of the few state technical universities in the world, which trains fire service officers and educates specialist in fire safety and civil safety engineering at the same time.  

SGSP reports to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration. It has full academic rights and constitutes an organisational unit of the State Fire Service (PSP).  

SGSP’s history as a higher educational enterprise started in 1971 when The School for Fire Service Officers was transformed into The Higher School for Fire Service Officers (WOSP).  

In 1982 in place of WOSP, The Main School of Fire Service (SGSP) was created. 

The head of SGSP is Commandant-Rector who manages and represents SGSP and is also the head executive of all the employees and students. Commandant-Rector co-operates with: Deputy Rector for Research, Deputy Rector for Didactic Process, Deputy Rector for Development, Deputy Commandant for Operations. The highest collective authority at SGSP is the Senate and Scientific Advisory Board. 


SGSP has its own modern didactic base equipped with the latest scientific devices, computer and audio-visual equipment (in many cases unique in Poland). 

The pride of SGSP is Decision-Making Engineering Section that is equipped with the most recent computer simulation systems. These systems enable representatives of rescue services and administration to acquire management skills in the states of emergency. Smoke container training chamber, modern lecture rooms and specialised labs also add pride to the School. 

The library of SGSP constitutes another valuable facility. It attracts a number of people, as it possesses the biggest collection of Polish and foreign books, periodicals, and magazines concerning fire protection (54.000 volumes). 

SGSP’s dinning room and café, as well as all the sport facilities (e.g., weight room, stadium with 300 meter-long truck, sport hall with a climbing wall), enjoy great popularity among students. For that reason, it is of no surprise that in regularly organised national or international sport games and competitions SGSP representatives receive high scores in various sports e.g., running, swimming, sailing, soccer, or volleyball. 

If you are interested in more detailed information about our university, you may also find some interesting literature in our library.