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Course catalog 

Course catalog 

Course catalog  

The course catalog is being updated. Expect minor mistakes concerning ECTS points etc. (credits given in brackets are up-to-date). At the moment, most detailed course descriptions are available.   

Select the course of your interest for more details. 

Fire Theory and Combustion: 


Civil Protection and Crisis Management: 

  • Civil Emergency Planning (6 ECTS)             Course description: lecture / exercise 
  • Crisis Management (4 ECTS)                     Course description: lecture / exercise 
  • Design for Disaster Resilience (4 ECTS)                Course description: lecture / exercise 
  • Disaster Risk Reduction (3 ECTS)             Course description: lecture / exercise  
  • Education for Safety (2 ECTS)                Course description: lecture / exercise  
  • Humanitarian aid in international dimension (2 ECTS)     Course description: lecture /  exercise  
  • Identification and Analysis of Biological Threats (3 ECTS)   Course description: lecture / exercise  
  • International Rescue Cooperation (2 ECTS)      Course description: lecture 
  • International safety and security institutions (3 ECTS)    Course description: lecture / exercise  
  • Internal Safety in the European Union (2 ECTS)            Course description: lecture  
  • Media Cooperation (4 ECTS)               Course description: lecture / exercise 
  • Risk analysis (3 ECTS)             Course description: lecture / exercise  


Rescue Operations and Safety: 

  • Electrical Engineering and Electronics in Fire Service (6 ECTS)           Course description: lecture / laboratory work 
  • Hydromechanics (2,5 ECTS)                     Course description:  laboratory work 
  • Firefighting Operations (2 ECTS)       Course description:  project  
  • Safety engineering of fire fighting machines and facilities (5 ECTS)     Course description: lecture /  exercise  


Fire Prevention: 

  • Fire and explosion hazards assessment (3,5 ECTS)   Course description: lecture / project / exercise  
  • Evaluation of the Effects and Consequences of Explosions and Fires (3 ECTS)          Course description: exercise  
  • Forest Fire Safety (2 ECTS)             Course description: lecture / exercise 
  • Fire Protection of Buildings (5 ECTS)     Course description: lecture / project work (link) 


General Sciences: 

  • Descriptive Statistics (5 ECTS)        Course description: lecture /  exercise / laboratory work 
  • Economics (2 ECTS)         Course description:lecture 
  • Foreign Language (English, German, Russian) – 30 h per semester (1 ECTS) 


Grading system at SGSP 

ECTS Grade Mark 

Grade and its description 


Excellent (excellent results) 


Very good (results above average) 


Good (Results on average) 


Satisfactory (acceptable results) 


Sufficient (results fulfilling minimum requirements) 


Insufficient (failed – further work required) 


Unsuccessfull (failed – absent or didn’t fulfill all requirements)