Application procedure 

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Application procedure 

Application procedure 

Application procedure  

Dear Incoming Student, 

On behalf of Rector-Commandant of the Main School of Fire Service we want to warmly invite you to study in our University.  

To apply to Erasmus+ Programme in SGSP You have to send documents listed below to contact person responsible for the agreement with your institution. Please send scanned version of the documents by email (scanned copies of signatures or digital signatures are recognised. There is no need to circulate papers with original signatures): 

  • Learning Agreement proposal – choose prefered courses from the list. 

After the Learning Agreement will be accepted, we will need following information (please send them to coordinator responsible for your LA acceptance, we need it for your student ID): 

  • Your name and SURNAME 
  • Your email address 
  • Your phone number 
  • Your postal address (from national ID) 
  • The number of your national ID 
  • Photo in electronic version (prefered dimensions: 300×375 px, minimum dimensions: 236×295 px, file format: JPG, the file shouldn’t be greater than 50 kB). 

We will do our best to decide on your application within 2 weeks. 


Deadline for application are listed below: 

  • 15th June (for winter semester) 
  • 15th December (for summer semester) 

In specific cases, the deadlines might be extended to 1st September and 15th January respectively. 

As regards organization of the academic year, please click. 

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 


DOWNLOAD: Learning Agreement Form. Agree with your Coordinator and send to us for consideration!  


Dear students, you are welcome to use online academic planner made specially for students incoming to Poland! DOWNLOAD HERE MORE INFORMATION.