Mentoring programme 

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Mentoring programme 

Mentoring programme 


1) Studying in other country for a couple of months requires good preparation.  

We understand how badly you may need assistance concerning most basic preparations, and these more serious. Especially, if you have never been to Poland before. We encourage you to take advantage of our Mentoring Programme (also called Buddy System).  

All you need to do is to contact our Erasmus Coordinators and ask for assistance. We will assign a student to support your preparations, to answer all your questions.   

2) Your stay in Warsaw 

Thanks to our Buddy System, we will assist you during the most crucial moments – finding  
a place to live. It is good idea to come a couple of days before the beginning of academic year to search for accommodation. During that time you may stay in a hostel. Our Erasmus students usually choose to live in one of the dormitories across Warsaw, both public or private ones, or in private apartments. We will assist you when making these crucial decisions.  

Make sure to let us know about the exact date you are planning to arrive in Warsaw. We will be able to pick you up, guide you to your first accommodation and provide you with your Polish student’s ID, so you could travel aroud Warsaw with 50% discount. 

3) Cultural events 

As your Erasmus experience is not only about learning, we will make sure you know much about Polish culture, lifestyle, habits… We have established broad cooperation with a number universities and students’ organizations, we are organizing different events to make your stay in the Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw most pleasant and unforgetable!   

If you have more questions concerning Buddy System, do not hesitate to contact us!