Scientifical research

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Fire Safety University is not only a place to educate in highly specialized fields but also it’s a institution with high scientific research potencial with modern labratories and qualified academic staff. Fire Safety University leads in safety engineering researches, especially in the field of people protection and fire prevention.  

Fire Safety University wants to respond to the market needs and use the results of scientific researches and development works in order to meet the expectations of enterpreneurs interested in cooperation. 

Our goal is to prepare the best possible offer based on the business model prefered by the companies. 

In past years, the scientific-research team has done more then 400 expertisis for various Clients such as: Lotos Group, Lotos Terminal S.A, Lotos Biooil SP z.o.o, Orlen South S.A., the Palace of Culture and Science, OLPP Sp. Z.o.o, Kadimex, Minimax, GM Sprinkler Sp. z o.o and Public Institutions. 

Examples of researches: 

  • preparation of the documentation of the places of fire spread, confrontations, court trials 
  • opinions and expertises about fire causes 
  • security reports 
  • risk analysis 
  • health and safety expertisis 
  • testing of fire equipment after fires 

Areas of cooperation: investigation of fire places, preperation of opinions and expertises, researches, developming solutions and more dependable on client’s needs. 

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